May 14th,  Will be a our annual mothers day bingo event. 

Admission price for this event is $50.00 per person which will include the following:

  • Unlimited regular cards for every regular game
  • One Packet of Specials
  • One set of Warm Ups

Additional paper can be purchased...

  • Warm ups: $10.00
  • Packet of Specials: $14.00

Regular Games will payout $400.00

Early Jackpot will payout $250.00

Jackpot Coverall will payout  52 numbers of less wins the purse, 53 and up $300

There will be lots of top prize $1000 pull tabs, $599's, and more.

There will also be Multiple Down Line Event Tickets! Our most popular ticket: Lightning Betty Boop, a $2000.00 winner!


How to play Down Line Tickets

Calling All Bingo Players... Super Bingo Starts In...

May, 14th, 2022..  Super Bingo Event Details 

How to play Bingo

Things to Know Before you show up