maintaining a safe environment during COVID-19

Out of State Travelers

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We have taken the following steps to safeguard our customers:

  • Players are seated one per table with a separation of 8 feet from the next player. We ask players not to move or relocate the chairs. We also ask that the chairs remain in the center of the tables, to ensure the proper 8 foot distance from other patrons. 

  • Families that are from the same household may play in one of our booths. The booths can sit up to six people. Each booth is socially distanced from other players.

  • Players that are seated are not required to wear face masks, as they are 8ft apart. However, players are required to wear a face mask when not seated. 

  • Bingo players are asked to remain seated for the duration of the session, especially during breaks. We understand players are part of a unique social community, but we must ensure all players feel comfortable and safe while inside our facility. 

  • All of our volunteers and staff members are COVID--19 certified. They are required to wear masks for the duration of the session, and carry disinfectant finger cleanser for use between transactions. During this time, we ask our patrons to respect the social distance guild lines and not approach our staff and volunteers. 

  • Broadacres disinfects all tables, chairs, bathrooms and high-touch surfaces (i.e. door handles, counters, railings, ect.) nightly, with a no-wipe hospital strength Steramine Disinfectant.